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These are a list of some of the most common questions asked on the booking form

When is the balance of payment due

No Later than 42 days (six weeks) prior to the wedding

What area do you cover for weddings

Our standard wedding hire covers the whole of Gloucestershire. For an additional fee we can cover Wiltshire, Oxfordshire & Worcestershire

What is the deposit to reserve a vehicle

If your booking is more than 6 weeks in advance a small securing deposit of £125 per vehicle is required to reserve it. We will confirm the amount of deposit to be paid on your quote. All deposits are due upon booking however we will provisionally reserve vehicle/s in the clients name for up to 24 hours while awaiting the deposit payment. If not received within 24 hours, the vehicle/s provisionally reserved will automatically be released and become available for others to hire

How long do we have the cars for?

Our standard wedding hire fee covers the cars and chauffeur for three hours. If cars are required for longer please ask at time of booking and agreement will be subject to availability

Can I have photos with the car?

Yes - absolutely. If you want a stop off point at a scenic location along the route please ask at time of booking so we cn factor in the additional time required

Do you provide ribbons and bows and flowers?

The main bridal vehicle for the day will be adorned with ribbons and bows to match your colour theme - please ask at time of booking for the colour of your choice. The rear parcel shelf of the main bridal vehicle will have neutral coloured silk flowers (cream/white)

What if the car becomes unserviceable or breaks down before the wedding day?

We hope this situation does not occur, however vehicles as we all know can break down or need unscheduled repairs despite all the care lavished upon them. If your car develops a problem before the wedding day and we think it will be unable to be rectified in time for your wedding we will endeavour to offer you another vehicle. If you are not happy with any of the cars offered as a replacement all monies paid for the vehicle unable to carry out the itinerary will be returned so you can source a suitable vehicle elsewhere.

What if it is raining on the day

All of our cars carry at least two large umbrellas. Your chauffeur will do his upmost to keep you dry

Will the Chauffeur be wearing a uniform and cap

Our chauffeur will be wearing a grey suit, cap, black shoes and white shirt with tie

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